Ct Home Design Build

If you live in CT and are considering a home design build, contact Lasse Aspelin & Associates. Home builds are becoming more popular among clients looking to save time and money while their home is being designed and built, and there is a great deal of proof to show that a design build offers distinct advantages over the more traditional delivery method.


What exactly is a design build? It’s the newest and fastest growing method of delivering a project whereby both the design and the construction phases are set forth by a single contract. In contrast to the design-bid-build, this new system allows the design and build phases to overlap and become more streamlined in nature, providing the owner with a single point of contact holding all of the responsibility for the completed project, including time factors and budget.


Lasse Aspelin & Associates offer their clients in CT the home design build experience. They’ve partnered with their general contractor in more than 40 projects over the past two and a half decades. Their clients appreciate what the home design build delivery has to offer, namely that the architect, owner and general contractor form a single team that works toward a common goal: 


“To deliver the highest quality construction with attention and faithfulness to architectural details while still giving the owner transparency in cost and owner involvement in selection of materials and equipment all the way from the beginning of the construction process to move-in.”


Benefits to the CT home design build include:


- Cost savings that is directly passed on to the owner. A design build will save the owner approximately 10% of the project’s total cost, which is significant. Your team at Lasse Aspelin is geared toward your costs involved in the project and dedicated to cost-efficiency.


- Collaboration between the architect and the contractor produces a streamlined process that presents far less problems and one that is completed in a timely manner. The bidding time-frames are completely eliminated so that work can continue in the most efficient way possible and construction can continue to move forward in tandem with the design.


- When the responsibility falls on a single business entity for cost, schedule and results, the team that assumes the risks involved is far more careful in spending, scheduling and other details with regard to the project.


- The overall quality of the construction is much better in a CT home design build because performance requirements are looked at instead of minimum design requirements. This results in a better end result.


- The building permit can be pulled immediately upon completion of the working drawings, thus saving time and money for the project.


If you’d like to speak with a professional from Lasse Aspelin & Associates about your CT home design build, please call 860-684-4279. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and if requested, sit down with you to discuss your project in more detail. You’ll never regret the decision to contact the experts in Connecticut home design build projects.


Ct Home Design Build

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