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Architecture is not art alone… it is merely a reflection of conceptions of life, or a portrait of systems of living. Architecture is environment, the stage on which our lives unfold.

With hundreds of residential and commercial designs in our portfolio, we have designed new structures, additions, renovations and remodeling projects in all types of styles. We match your tastes, interests, lifestyle and budget to create a truly unique design that is custom tailored to your needs and your desires. Aspelin Associates takes pride in providing innovative solutions using the latest developments in materials and technology at a price you can afford. All this is prepared to mesh with building codes and construction schedules. Our primary goal is to provide you with a final visible form that you can live with and live in.

  • Development of concept, plan and program
  • Site evaluation, elevation studies and landscape design
  • Material selection, building shell design
  • Preparation of final drawings and contract documents for building permits and construction
  • Structural, mechanical, electrical and HVAC engineering as required.